How Can Braces Help Fix An Overbite: The Ultimate Guide

An overbite is the most common dental problem that requires orthodontic treatment. It occurs when the individual’s top jaw and teeth overlap the lower jaw and teeth. An overbite is categorized as a malocclusion type that can be vertical or horizontal. Moreover, this dental problem can also affect a person’s health and psychological condition. Therefore, professional orthodontists advise people to get overbite treated as soon as possible. Moreover, often an experienced orthodontist recommends braces for an overbite. This article guides on how braces can help fix overbite problems.

What is an Overbite and its Causes?

An overbite is a dental problem when the top jaw and teeth overlap the lower ones. It can be horizontal or vertical. A horizontal overbite is where the top teeth protrude over the bottom teeth, and in a vertical overbite, the lower teeth are overlapped by the top one.

There are several reasons why people develop an overbite. For instance, some individuals have malformed jaws since birth and develop uneven teeth. Other people might be born with too big or too small jaw resulting in crowded teeth or teeth having large spaces and an overbite.

Fixing an Overbite with Braces

Professional orthodontists say braces for an overbite are the most effective treatment.

  •       First Stage of Braces

An orthodontist conducts an x-ray to determine the overbite type and relationship between the jaw and teeth. After diagnosing the condition, the doctor attaches brace to the top and bottom arches of the patient’s teeth.

  •       Second Stage of Braces

The archwire first works on straightening and aligning the teeth. During the second braces stage, orthodontists usually use elastics (small rubber bands) to shift the jawline into its correct position slowly. Bands are fitted on the brackets from top to bottom to help move the jaw and teeth. The patient must wear the bands consistently so that they can apply constant pressure on the teeth and jaw.

  •       Third Stage of Braces

The final treatment stage involves wearing a retainer or using a permanent wire to keep teeth and jaw in their desired place.

How Long can it Take to Fix an Overbite with Braces?

A deep overbite is one of the longest orthodontic conditions fixed with braces. Most times, the patients are more likely to have crooked teeth or overcrowding along with overbite. Every case is different, but usually, it takes around two years to treat severe overbite cases with braces. Once the braces come off, patients might also need to wear a retainer for quite some time to keep the teeth in place.


The braces for an overbite are chosen depending on the severity of the patient’s dental problem. After an orthodontic examines the patient’s teeth and jaw position, he determines the best route for the treatment. If a child has an overbite, getting treatment when he is young is best to prevent the risk of permanent damage and lifelong discomfort or pain. An individual must choose an experienced orthodontist and schedule a consultation to identify the best treatment option.

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