Why you should consider a board and care facility

Most elderly people would love to live in a place where they feel safe, cozy, and cared for. Most of them may need their daily activities such as dressing, meals, or help with medication; the kind of assistance they will find in a board and care facility.

What is a board and care facility?

Board and care homes go by different names. Some people call them personal care homes, while others simply call them residential care homes. Whatever name you use to call the board and care homes; they offer private or shared rooms to elderly people.

Rooms in board and care are usually private or shared. And residents have staff available around the clock. Looking after their needs. However, medical care is normally provided at an extra cost.

How are board and care homes different?

Board and care homes offer a cozy, intimate, and homelike environment. Most board and care facilities are suitable for seniors who need some help with everyday tasks like dressing, meals, and bathing but who don’t need 24-hour skilled care. Normally, board and care facilities have fewer residents, it’s not uncommon to find 10 residents living in a board and care.

Here are 5 reasons you should consider a board and care home:

1. Residents  get more attention from caregivers

Your parent or senior family member is likely to get assistance in a board care home than other facilities. Some board and care homes have only 6 resident members, allowing staff members to give care to all of them. You rest assured that your senior parent takes medication in time, eats healthy meals, and can get assisted from time to time.

2. Board and care offers home-cooked meals

A well-balanced diet goes a long way in keeping elderly people healthy. The National Resource Center on Nutrition has found 1 in 4 older Americans has poor nutrition. So, if you put your senior parents on a board and care you know that they will be offered healthy meals all the time. Most board and care homes offer two or three nutritious meals.

3. Board and care offers a cozy environment

A board and care facility feels more like a home than an institution elderly people wait to die. What’s more,  your parents will get a chance to interact with other residents. Socialize. Play games – you name it! Residents can take walks, and participate in other exercise activities.

Some board and care homes offer snacks and beverages in a manner that encourages residents to help themselves. Mundane outdoor activities like getting out to enjoy the sun are the order of the day.

Make sure the board and care home that you choose is perfect for your loved one. A perfect board and care home should offer services like scrumptious meals, social activities, laundry, and housekeeping services. The environment of board and care is usually uncluttered and free from supplies or any materials that can harm residents. Typically, only materials that support the residents’ social, emotional, cognitive abilities are visible at the board and care homes.

Looking for a board and care facility where your parents can be taken good care of? Board and care facilities can provide dedicated, well-sounded support to those in need.

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