Why Have Trusted Event Medical Services

Besides providing great hospitality, all event organisers are required to make sure that people attending the event are safe and secure at the venue. This requirement can include participants, staff, volunteers, officials, general public and the spectators as well.

If you provide adequate and good medical services at your event by hiring a reputable and professional company like Vita First Aid, emergency response time can be minimized. Even the ambulance call outs are reserved for those at events who actually need them and admission to emergency department is reduced. Ultimately, it would add up to a more successful/great event and there will be less chances of negative publicity. Therefore, you need to look for the event medical services, provided by licensed professionals that cater to all types of events.

How can you minimize your risk?

By having trustworthy and effective medical team at your event, you can minimize not only the risk factor but also ensure that the people get immediate medical attention if they ever need it. Even you as an organiser, have peace of mind that any medical first aid emergency will be duly and timely taken care of.

Below are some facts in relation to risk at events:

  • By their nature, most sporting events involve risk of serious injury
  • Weather conditions could create a major impact at an event
  • Assembling of large crowd can create the potential risk for any accident or injury
  • If alcohol is served, it can have a higher risk of injury

Here are some important tips for event organisers:

  • If it is a big event, medical services might also be required for those attendees who queue to get in and out of your event.
  • In an environment of adequate medical resources like Vita First Aid in Victoria, the sooner a patient gets treated; the chances of recovery are better and quicker as well.
  • When the event is a multi-day event with attendees need to camp overnight, you might need 24/7 medical services.
  • Event medical services must be provided for the entire duration of the event. This includes installation as well as breakdown of the event, if it seems to have a dangerous or large scale operation.
  • You must provide information and location of event medical services to all your attendees. Make use of signs and also print the information on tickets or programmes.
  • At events, expecting large crowd or difficult access location, medics on mountain bikes, golf carts, or even on motorcycles might be needed.
  • Even personnel and stewards must know the location of medical services.
  • Emergency vehicles and ambulances must have a clear access in and out of your venue, if in case any casualties need transportation.
  • Locate medical teams/first aid carefully, so that the response for emergency time gets minimised.

Contact Vita First Aid, when you look for the event medical services in Victoria. They even provide detailed risk analysis for all event organiser to make sure they know what resources would be required at next festival or outing; using best operational medical practices that are used in state ambulance systems all over Australia.

Unsure of how to do first aid in an emergency? Learn the necessary steps including assessing the situation, calling for help, providing care and monitoring the person’s condition.

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