Although some people can afford the high prices of weed, some consumers do not have all that money to purchase weed. Let me inform you that the fact that you do not have that high amount of money does not imply that you will have to settle for low quality weed products. We all know that weed has now been legalized and the demand for it keeps rising. The number of people that buy weed online keeps increasing daily too and so this has led to increase in online weed stores. Now that there are a lot of online stores, customers are left with the struggle to select from the vast stores available. Both old and new customers have to decide which of these stores are of top value and what store would give you products worth the price and what stores would deliver as stated in the order.


A lot of people just want to get quality weed products at very affordable prices without even knowing what results in these prices.

  • The prices of most intoxicants e.g alcohol is altered as a result of taxation. The same goes for weed. You will just wonder how something that was so affordable became so expensive. Every state has its tax level and then some other states have some charges on the weed growers and this takes effect on the prices of the product
  • Another factor is your location. We all know the laws of demand and supply. The supply of weed is directly proportional and so far there is always demand, there will always be supply and therefore increase in the prices.
  • For you to get a high quality weed then you have to spend some great amount of money. No doubt about it. This does not imply that you should spend your money on fake or something that will cost your health. Some other reasons for the hike in price of weed are environmental and political factors.


  1. The blue mangoo: this is a cheap weed that has a calming effect on the consumer. A Lot of people have also attested to the fact that it has a rapid effect on the consumer. It also has this soothing stimulating effect it gives that improves your mental health  and it prevents insomnia.
  2. Bubba kush.: it has a very nice taste when you smoke it and relaxes the body. It also helps you sleep better.
  3. Pennywise: the name is enough to let you know that this is of course a cheap weed. This has a great cannabidiol content.
  4. White widow.
  5. Northern lights.


The industry keeps booming and very good that you will hardly see any store that does not have a good weed. So, no matter your budget, you will definitely get a good deal worth the amount you want. Apart from the weed products I have stated, there are more weed products that are very affordable and yet have a great value and that will meet your demands.

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