Are You a Man Who Needs a Breast Reduction?

Women are not the only people who benefit from breast reductions in Thailand. Men also can benefit from the procedure. If you are a man who is embarrassed to go to the beach because of too-big “breasts,” then you need to check out your options for surgery.

Regain Your Self-Confidence

This type of plastic surgery makes it possible for men to regain their self-confidence. Also called reduction mammoplasty, this solution assists people with large breasts that do not align with a person’s overall body shape. By removing the excess breast fat, skin, and tissue, a man can have a better-looking and proportionate chest.

Defining Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia, or large breasts in men, results from a hormone imbalance. While men steadily have a buildup of testosterone, it can be affected when it does not balance out with estrogen. As a result, their breasts may appear larger than what they would like. This type of imbalance can be emotionally and physically stressful. That is why something should be done to alleviate it. Men with big breasts often suffer from physical ailments such as back and shoulder pain. The same can be said for women as well.

If you are a man who needs male breast reduction surgery in Thailand, you can feel hopeful once again. This type of procedure in Thailand will alleviate any health problems and will give more symmetry to your body overall. Indeed, you will feel a great weight lifted from you both mentally and physically when you have this surgery performed.

Instant Relief

Patients feel an immediate change in their everyday lives when they go through this type of surgery. Male breast reductions in Thailand also are not expensive. When you compare the cost with how much better you will feel, it is well worth the time and the investment. While the surgery will make you feel better overall, you do have to realize that it will leave some scars. These scars appear at the surgical line. Shortly after the procedure, the scarring is clear as it will appear reddish. However, it gradually fades over time and appears whitish after several months.

Patients who undergo the surgery often feel numb at the surgery site. However, this symptom tends to vanish after about six weeks to three months, depending on the procedure and the patient. However, don’t worry. The surgeon always prepares the area for protection. He or she does this by wrapping a bandage around the body to release the congested fluid and blood. He also inserts a small tube into the breast shortly after the surgery for two days. A patient needs to wear a cold compress and ice bag to reduce the swelling from the surgery.

Recovering From the Procedure

Recovery times for patients vary. Expect to return to work or daily activities in about one to two weeks. To ensure healing, follow the doctor’s advice and follow after-care procedures as well. You should call the doctor about any pain or discomfort that occurs outside the expected side effects. Taking these measures will ensure a successful outcome of any breast reduction procedure in Thailand.

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