5 Painless Ways of Body Hair Removal

Body hair, whether peeping from your arm crevice or bikini line or stubbornly standing on your hands or legs, hardly compliments your outfits. It also traps sweat for long, sometimes challenging your health. The hair lets bacteria react with your sweat to emit that odour. So why not get rid of it? Khloe Kardashian says, “I laser my bikini line. I even laser my legs. It’s so much easier than having to shave every single day.” While shaving may have the ouch factor, laser treatment may also hurt with a snapping effect of a rubber band on your skin (and with its cost factor). So, for a painless alternative, why not learn, for example, how to use wax strips? Here are some painless ways to banish your body hair for good.

5 Painless Ways to Remove Unwanted Body Hair

  1. Hair removal cream: Using hair removal cream is perhaps the most painless method. Its fragrance can be a bonus to mask body odour. Some brands offer these creams suiting different skin types. So, for sensitive skin, see if the cream comes with vitamin E and hydrating Aloe Vera. For dry skin, get one with Shea butter, great for its moisturizing properties. Ensure that the kit provides a gentle spatula. And you’re ready to depilate. 
  1. Wax strips: Buy the best wax strips which come for legs, underarms, and bikini line to depilate your whole body. Unlike hot wax, these ready-to-use strips don’t burn your skin. You can reuse them anytime and cut them in varying lengths suiting different body areas. They uproot unwanted hair, provide instant long-lasting silky-smooth skin for up to four weeks and even exfoliate your skin.

With this all-in-one handy pack at home, no need to wait in a parlour before rocking the party. The best wax strips are specially formulated with vitamin E and almond oil for sensitive skin and with Aloe Vera for dry skin. Wondering how to use wax strips? Just paste them on your skin in the hair growth direction, wait for a little and pull in the opposite direction.

  1. Trimming: Trimming can be painless if you get a sensitive touch electric trimmer. Its blades never touch your skin. Unlike a razor, it won’t gift you with cuts and nicks. See if you can use one device for trimming, shaping, and shaving your eyebrows, upper lips, chin, sideburns, bikini line and more. The best trimmers come with different heads for larger and smaller hair settings and comb attachments to achieve the desired uniform hair length.
  1. Sugaring: Sugaring can be done at home or by a professional with a mixture of white sugar, lemon juice and warm water. Apply it against the hair growth direction. After it sits for some seconds, pull it along the hair growth direction. It barely pains. 
  1. Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

IPL is great for almost painless hair removal but is expensive and you’ve to wait long for the results. You must also have dark hair and not dark skin so that the beam reacts to the melanin of your hair, not skin.

Choose the best hair removal method that’s friendly and pampering on your skin. Also, keep in mind how soon and effectively the results arrive.

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