Donations are needed to support foundation activities and research on behalf of improving health in Bearded Collies.  For example, this spring we will distribute a Voluntary Open Health Registry form to individuals in the USA, Canada and others who have expressed interest.  Another example is the research project on DNA markers and inheritance in Addison's disease.  


See below for each option's advantages, use of donations, and how to donate.  You may also wish to consider making provisions in your will as a long term commitment for improving health of the breed.

  1. The Bearded Collie Foundation for Health's Directed Donor Fund at the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation (AKC CHF).  
  • Tax deductible.
  • For scientific research to benefit Bearded Collies.  The primary project now is on Addison's disease; it is estimated that $100,000 will be needed for this project.
  • Administered by the AKC CHF starting with an independent scientific panel of experts who review grant applications.  
  • After a grant is approved, we are asked to release funds. 
  • CHF provides equal fund matching for an amount going to a research project.  For example, if BeaCon released $10,000 for a project, CHF would give an additional $10,000 for the same project.
  • Make check out to the Canine Health Foundation and accompany with a letter requesting that the donation be deposited in the Bearded Collie Foundation for Health's (BeaCon for Health) directed donor fund.  
  1. Directly To the Bearded Collie Foundation for Health 
  • Tax deductible, effective April 14, 1999.  Notification from the IRS was received 2/26/00.
  • Funds donated will be used exclusively for the administration of the foundation.  There is no direct remuneration to board members other than for supplies used in the conduct of Foundation business.  

  1. In Memory of Susie Gauthier, PhD
  • Susie was a long time dedicated member of BCCA Health Committees.  She  passed away 10/21/98. 
  • Send donations to Dr. Patsy Sullivan, 1223 Jericho Rd, Abington, PA 19001.
  • Susie's memorial fund will be dedicated to health research projects.