Linda, DVM

Linda has been in Beardies for 12 years and has bred 3 litters, and her dog has sired 3 litters.  Her breeding stock receive regular CBC/biochemistry profiles, thyroid panels, brucellosis and vaccine titers, and OFA, PENNHip, CERF, and von Willebrand Factor evaluations.  Linda shows in conformation and agility, has herding tested her dogs, and in the past did community outreach work.  Linda is a veterinarian specializing in behavioral problems of dogs, horses, cats, and other species.   She lectures and writes on behavior as well as autoimmune diseases.  Linda was a member or chairperson of the BCCA Health Committee for 8 years, and was in charge of the first health survey.  She is president of the Minuteman Bearded Collie Club (1999-2000).  Linda has contact with Beardie breeders, owners, and clubs in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand.

Elizabeth, MD 

Elizabeth has a background in clinical and research medicine, with a focus on clinical immunology and cancer.  She currently is an editor/writer in medicine, health and life sciences.  Elizabeth is a speaker and workshop leader in epilepsy, self-advocacy, and women's health.  She owns 2 Beardies and her interest in health of Bearded Collies started when one of her dogs developed in an immune-mediated disorder.   She has researched links between genetics and immune mediated diseases in humans and compared that with available veterinary literature. 


Scott’s love affair with canines dates back to 1966, when he began training several of his neighbor’s dog for them when he was 11. Since then he has been a student of canine behavior, genetics, and breed-related health issues. Since the first days of training mixed-breed canines, he has been in love with dogs. Scott has been involved in German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Ibizian and Pharoh Hounds, Great Pyrenees, and Beardies, the latter for 3 years. He studied Beardies for nearly a year before "jumping in". He owns one Beardie, Winnie (Ginr-Arcadia’s Try ‘N Behave)..

Scott is heavily involved in Great Pyrenees and Beardies at present; he has excellent mentors in both breeds and holds their knowledge and expertise in the highest esteem. Scott has taken an adopted rescue Pyr through the Delta Society Pet Partner therapy training program and obtained certification with her. He is Vice President and Rescue Committee Chair for the North Florida Great Pyrenees Club, which he co-founded. He is webmaster for that club and for the Bearded Collie Club of Central Florida. He also has a personal website dedicated to his Beardie and the breed. He is a member of the NFGPC, the GPCA, and the BCCCF. He has contact with Beardie breeders, owners, and clubs in the UK, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, Brazil, the Philippines, and New Zealand.

Scott is a regional sales manager for a software firm. Prior to his sales career, Scott was an engineer and engineering manager in the electronics manufacturing sector for 26 years. As a result of engineering background, Scott likes to use logic and current research and data when discussing/writing about breed related issues.


Kathy currently practices law in Alabama, and has an MA in Audiology and Education of the Deaf.  She is on numerous boards within her community and is affiliated with several bar associations.  Kathy has been in Beardies for 16 years and has completed championships on 7 Beardies.  She has done limited breeding under the Keltic prefix.  She was a member of the Magnolia Bearded Collie Club, Auction Chairman for the 1996 Atlanta BCCA National Specialty, and the BCCA Education Video Subcommittee which produced the AKC breed video.

Karen, PhD.

Karen has been in Beardies for the last 5 years, owning three, one of which is from her own breeding.  She has been a clinical psychologist for 25 years; she is in private practice where her two adult Beardies are therapy dogs.  Karen has bred one litter with CERF, OFA hip and thyroid health screening done.  Karen participates in conformation, obedience, and agility.  Her adult Beardies have their CH and CD, and 1 also has a NA; both have their HC's and CGC's.  Karen's expertise is in training and behavioral issues.

Sharo, RN

Sharon first owned a Beardie in the early 1980's and got into showing and breeding in 1988 when she obtained her first show Beardie.  Due to her nursing and teaching background, she has always been interested in learning as much as possible about canine health and genetics.  Sharon has bred 6 litters and currently tests both sires and dams for hips, eyes, and thyroid before breeding.  She competes in conformation and obedience and has attained both Canadian and American Champions and an Obedience Trial Champion; she and her Beardies play in agility and tracking, too.  Sharon is the Education/Health Chairperson for the Bearded Collie Club of Canada.  She currently works as a professional dog trainer and, owns and operates her own business.


First, a little bit about me personally. I have been a Helicopter pilot for 35 years and have been flying EMS for the last 11+ years. I have been involved in the dog fancy for about 30 years. I had Irish Setters for many years, both in the show ring and as pets. I also have had an English Cocker Spaniel, Dalmations (2), and have shown Gordon Setters for other people. We currently have two Beardies, Charlie (Ch. D'Arbonne Chilkoot Charlie HIC, CGC ) who is 10 years old and Coleen (Delargo Seafire Look'n at You HIC, CGC) who is 8 years old. Coleen has one point toward her confirmation Ch. and Charlie was shown to his confirmation Ch. by me. Coleen didn't like the show ring so she was retired and now reigns as Boss Bitch. I have been a past President of the Hawkeye Irish Setter Club of Greater Des Moines in Iowa and also served on the board. This was an Irish Setter club that gave AKC specialty shows for many years. Besides my flying job, my wife and I operate a small carpet cleaning service in which I do all of the bookwork using the Quick Books accounting program. The main thing I bring to BEACON is enthusiasm and a total commitment to the ends that BEACON is striving for.


Cheryl  has a BS in Biology and Geology, a teaching certificate in Biology.  She is a past president of the Oshkosh Kennel Club, was on the board of directors of the Chicagoland Bearded Collie Club, and is an obedience trainer for the Oshkosh Kennel Club.  She has judged at several Beardie or all breed matches and will be the sweepstakes judge for the Rocky Mountain Bearded Collie Club's supported entry in 2000.

Cheryl has been in Beardies since 1987 and has bred 10 litters.  She tests hips (OFA), eyes (CERF) and thyroid; and x-ray elbows on her Briard.  She shows in obedience and conformation.  She supports an open registry for health.


Gail has a Bachelor of Science in Education and is a Licensed Registered Nurse, a licensed Healthcare Risk Manager, and a Licensed Life, Health and Disability agent.  Gail is a charter member of the Bearded Collie Club of Central Florida for whom she served in various capacities, including host president for the 1996 BCCA Specialty.  Gail is a member of the Minuteman Bearded Collie Club. She has been a member of the BCCA for 12 years,  currently serves as an approved mentor for the BCCA judges' education committee, and is Versatility Chairman. 

She has been in Beardies for 13 years.  She has bred 20 litters of Bearded Collies from her own bitches and additional 13 litters have been fathered by her stud dogs.  Regular health screening of Bardmoor Beardies includes CERF (6 months and again between 20-24 months) and OFA (6-8 months and again at 24 months plus).   Breeding stock are thyroid tested, and have brucellosis tests and fecal exam 1 month prior to breeding.  Her dogs are vaccinated with combination boosters without Lepto and with Bordetella (Intra Trac).  She has titled Beardies in conformation (over 20), obedience (3), herding (5), agility (7), CGC (4), and therapy (2); other Bardmoor Beardies have been titled by their owners. 


Elsa is a physician, retired from clinical neonatology practice where her research focused on newborn development and later outcome of infants receiving newborn intensive care.  She has published numerous research papers on these topics and provides training in NIDCAP® (Newborn Individualized Developmental Care Program) in the USA and internationally.  Elsa has been a member of the BCCA for 13 years, served as Health Committee Chairperson for 3 years during which time the second health survey was done.  She received the BCCA Member of the Year Award in 1997.  She is a member of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America, and a sustaining member of both CERF and the AKC Canine Health Foundation.   Elsa is a member of the President's Council of the Canine Health Foundation.  She has titled champions (3), obedience (novice 3, open 3, utility 1, U-CD 1), has several herding titles (2 HT, 1 PT, 2 AHBA JHD), and has "studied" tracking.

She designed and maintained a private Web page on health topics of interest for Bearded Collies, which has been converted to BeaCon's Web page.  Elsa has not yet bred either Beardies or Portuguese Water Dogs, yet does health screening tests on her dogs to assist in research projects or if there is clinical indication. 


Chris has been "in dogs" since 1965 and in Beardies since 1977.  Chris has been a member of the BCCA for 20+ years, received the BCCA Ian Morrison Award, and serves as Chair of the Judges Education Committee, Website Editor, Gazette Columnist (completed September 2000) and will serve on the newly formed Breeders' Education Committee.   She and her husband, Ed, are members of the Chicagoland Bearded Collie Club.  They also were founding members of the German Shepherd Dog Club of the Quad Cities. 

Other awards include winner of the FIDO Woman of the Year and DWAA Distinguished Service Award.   Breeding an average of one Bearded Collie litter per year, Walkoway has produced more than 50 Champions and ROMs.  Chris retired from breeding in fall 2000.  Regular health screening of their Beardies included OFA hips and elbows, CERF, thyroid, and canine brucellosis.   Chris is an AKC approved  judge of herding breeds and a freelance award-winning author of more than 700 columns and articles, and seven books on dogs including DWAA Best Book, Successful Dog Breeding, and The Bearded Collie.  She participates in conformation, obedience, CGC, and also dabbles in agility and herding.