BeaCon for Health was founded in April 1999.  Its mission is to improve health of Bearded Collies by tracking health, education, and research.   See the links below for information about the Foundation.  Meetings are held monthly by electronic means and the membership consists of the board of directors.  

The Bearded Collie Health Web page was initially used for the 1996 Autoimmune and Endocrine Health Survey. It now serves as an informational and educational forum for the Bearded Collie Foundation for Health (BeaCon for Health) (see buttons at the top of the page). The information is provided to support your learning.   It is not intended to constitute medical advice. Please discuss any medical management questions with your veterinarian. 


This page is a function of BeaCon for Health, it contains no advertising, and no commercial entities support this web site.  BeaCon for Health is an organization independent of any Bearded Collie Club.


Owner and Breeder Participation


You can assist in reducing the frequency of several diseases (see below).  Regarding confidentiality, in both studies, the researchers assign code numbers to incoming specimens.   When results of individual dog's test results become available, the information will be given only to the dog's owner.  If the research projects are successful, the investigators will publish the results in scientific journals, including genetic pedigrees showing the pattern of inheritance.  Genetic pedigrees show disease status and sex of dogs in a "family", but no identification by name, kennel, or owner.

Those who chose to get in on the ground floor (i.e., the research level)  will have testing results available for use in their breeding programs.  Those who chose to wait until later will have the opportunity for testing under some yet to be defined system, which is usually commercial and therefore there are charges for the tests.   

Addison's Disease. Wanted for Study of Inheritance and Identification of DNA markers for Addison's Disease: Bearded Collies with primary Addison's disease diagnosed with ACTH stimulation test. The study is sponsored by the AKC Canine Health Foundation.  The study involves obtaining a blood specimen and pedigree from dogs affected with Addison's disease and their healthy littermates, parents, and grandparents. 

Juvenile Cataracts. This project's goals are to identify genetic markers and to determine the mode of inheritance of juvenile cataracts in multiple breeds.  Wanted are families (i.e., littermates, parents, grandparents, and offspring of affected dogs) with a cataract affected dog(s) and in which the majority of dogs have had veterinary ophthalmologic exams (preferably CERF recorded). The study involves providing a blood specimen, pedigree, and copy of the ophthalmologic exam. This project is fully funded for year 1 (98-99) by the Canine Health Foundation , so parent club funding is not needed. 



Autoimmune/Endocrine Health Survey Reports.  At the request of the parent breed club Board, the reports are not available on this Web page.  You may send Elsa $2 (and your Regular Mail address) for copies of both reports.  

Report to the 1998 BCCA Board on the Health Survey as a Key to Progress.  Portions of this report and the 6 month Lay Summary of Dr. Wagner's progress report to the AKC Canine Health Foundation are found at this link.