FAQs on low testosterone treatment

Low testosterone refers to a hormonal issues which you become testosterone deficient using the best trt clinic near me.  According to research, every 2 men out of 100 happen to have such a problem. It is common for older men to experience low testosterone as compared to younger ones. The studies indicate that about 40% that are aged 45 years have low testosterone or a deficiency in testosterone.

The following are some of the frequently asked questions that are related to the low testosterone treatment that will help you in understanding it better

What role does the testosterone play in the body?

It is the main sex hormone in male, but it is also produced in the females in small quantities. In men, it is known to be produced by the testicles when they receive message from the pituitary glands, which is located beneath the brain.

It the one which is responsible for various functions in a man which include:

  • Effect heart and mental health
  • Effect fat distribution and metabolism
  • Encourage the red blood cells production
  • Increase in the bone density and muscle mass
  • Development of hair on the face and body
  • Sperms production
  • An increase in libido/sexual desire
  • Maturation of the penis and testicles during adolescent

What is the normal level of the testosterone found in the blood?

The testosterone levels in the blood change in men throughout their lives. It is at the peak during the adolescence and also early adulthood. Then there is a decline with each passing year. Each testosterone levels tend to vary throughout the entire day.

It is believed that in the morning, they are quite higher then they start to decrease, reaching their lowest in the afternoon. The level of testosterone normally in an adult who is healthy range from 300 ng/dL to 1000ng/dL. In case your testosterone levels happen to be below the 300ng/dL level, then it means that you have low testosterone that is abbreviated as low T. It is also referred to as the TD – testosterone deficiency syndrome

What are the low T common symptoms?

When you have low T, the symptoms tend to vary from one individual to the next, and they are normally quite subtle. The following is a list of the common signs which men who have a low T might experience:

  • Sexual desire decreases
  • Problems in achieving as well as maintaining an erection
  • Testicles size reduces
  • Decrease in the red blood cells production
  • Depression, irritability and mood swings
  • Low bone mass density
  • Loss of the muscle mass
  • Increase in the breast tissue
  • Increase in body fat and weight gain
  • Loss of facial and body hair
  • Fatigue and low energy levels
  • Decrease in semen production

How is the diagnosis of low T done?

The low T sign normally are subtle, because of not having sufficient to the identify the issue. If you think that you are having low T, then your doctor is going to test your testosterone levels through a blood test. The low T test sample is normally taken in the morning when the levels of the testosterone are quite high.

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