Double Chin Reduction Singapore: Can Double Chin Reduction go wrong?

A double chin is basically an accumulation of fat under the chin, which can make your face look rounder and older. There are a few different ways that a double chin can form; typical examples include genetics; some people are simply predisposed to having a double chin because they have more fat cells in that area.

Another reason for double chin reduction is age; as you get older; your skin loses its elasticity and doesn’t snap back as well when you move. If you feel self-conscious because of the appearance and considering double chin reduction, Singapore is a worthy destination to base your search for the best plastic surgeons for double chin reduction.

How can you reduce the Appearance of your Double Chin?

There are several ways to reduce the look of a double chin. Firstly, if you’re overweight, then losing some weight may help. Even just losing 10 pounds can have an amazing effect on your facial features.

Secondly, some treatments focus directly on reducing the appearance of a double chin, such as Kybella injections or Liposuction. While these procedures may be expensive, they are generally pretty effective when it comes to reducing the look of your double chin.

Is having a Double Chin Reduction Treatment Safe Though?

Having any kind of procedure can come with risks, so it’s essential to be fully aware before proceeding with double chin reduction in Singapore. By far, the most common risk is bruising or swelling, but whether or not you bruise or swell after treatment will vary depending on your physical reaction.

Some people are more sensitive than others, though there should be minimal problems if you take good care of yourself. It’s also important that your practitioner uses local anesthesia to ensure that you’re as pain-free as possible throughout the entire process. The best way to make sure that no complications occur is to choose a well-reviewed surgeon who has plenty of experience in administering double chin reduction treatments. If you do so, the risk is minimized, and you can rest easy knowing that your double chin will be less of an issue once treatment has been completed.

Recommendations for choosing a surgeon for double chin reduction;

  • Ask friends who have had similar procedures done for their recommendations: It is always good to get personal recommendations from people you know and trust. If someone you know has had a double chin reduction treatment and is happy with the results, they may be able to recommend a good surgeon for you.
  • Do your research: If you don’t know anyone who has had the procedure done or want to explore your options further, it’s a good idea to do some online research. Look for reviews of different surgeons and clinics providing double chin reduction in Singapore to get an idea of who is most reputable.
  • Meet with potential surgeons: Once you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s important to meet with each surgeon in person. This will give you a chance to ask questions and see if they are a good fit for your needs. Knowing exactly what you should expect from Kybella treatment for example and having a good rapport with your surgeon are both important factors in getting the best results possible.
  • Ask questions: When meeting with a potential surgeon, be sure to ask lots of questions. This will help you gauge their level of knowledge and how comfortable you feel with them.

Some questions you may want to ask the surgeon on double chin reduction include:

  1. How many treatments will I need?
  2. What are the potential risks and side effects?
  3. How much does the treatment cost?
  4. What is the recovery time?
  5. Can you show me before and after pictures of previous patients?
  • Trust your gut feeling: If you don’t feel comfortable with a particular surgeon, or if something just doesn’t feel right, then trust your gut instinct and move on. You should always feel confident and informed before making such an important decision. Other than finding a good plastic surgeon, it is also important that you are a good candidate for the treatment. As a general rule, double chin reduction treatments may only be ideal for you if;
  1. You are in good physical health
  2. You have realistic expectations for treatment
  3. You are overweight (but not extremely obese)
  4. Your skin tone and texture are suitable for the procedure. For example, if you have bad acne or a lot of scar tissue, then the doctor may need to assess whether it’s worth performing Kybella treatments on you.

What can go wrong with a Double Chin Reduction?

Double chin reduction treatments in Singapore like Kybella are safe and even FDA approved but if you’re not a good candidate, having an operation could make your results look worse. You should also be aware that there is always a risk of potential complications, such as;

  • Hematoma: A hematoma occurs when blood begins to pool under the skin after surgery. In most cases, it can be easily treated without any further consequences. As such, you should not be concerned if you notice some blood collecting under the skin after an operation; unless it’s excessive or doesn’t stop, in which case you should contact your surgeon immediately for advice and treatment options.
  • Nerve damage: Damage to nerves is rare but can occasionally happen. If an injection of Kybella goes wrong and ends up harming a nerve, then there may be long-term side effects such as impaired muscle function or muscle weakness.
  • Skin thinning: Administration of Kybella treatments can thin out the skin in some cases. This side effect is usually only temporary until your body recovers from treatment, but rest assured that it will return to normal within a few months.
  • Allergic reaction: Although the chance of an allergic reaction is very low, it’s something you should be aware of before starting treatment. Your surgeon should give you pre-treatment allergy tests to ensure that you do not have any allergies that could potentially harm your health after Kybella injections. If you are found to have any allergies, then further treatment options may be explored for your case.

Final Thoughts

If you’re planning on having a double chin reduction in Singapore but are still unsure about whether the treatments are right for you, talk to a cosmetic surgeon today. They’ll help answer all your questions and concerns about the procedure so that you can make an informed decision about what to do next. If you’re in Singapore, call us now to schedule your appointment. Call: +65 6235 4534 or you could also take a look at the more ways for double chin reduction here.

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